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About Ida


I’m Ida and I love to sing and teach. My roots are in jazz , soul and singer-songwriter music and I have love for beautiful melodies and soulful lyrics.  My love for all kinds of music makes me a professional teacher.


Whether you are just starting to find your voice, or already a singing artist - I’m here for you.  ​


Music has always been part of me and my life. Already in elementary school singing became my way of expressing myself, and I have been a performing artist since the age of 14. With my background as a performing artist, I have a profound understanding of the pressures and insecurities that come with the profession. Due to my extensive studies in singing, as well as producing and leading band camps, I have gained a solid picture of the world of music, and what it takes to be a good singer. My capability of seeing the uniqueness in each and every aspiring singer, is my special ability.

For me singing is about telling a story, it’s about feelings, rhythm and making music. My technical education in using one’s voice freely is a must for everyone who wants to sing. Here my studies at the Complete Vocal Institute make me a professional and authorized teacher. 


When you know how to use your voice freely, you’ll be able to do anything you want with it. You will get the tools for using your voice in a creative and versatile way. 

Hope to hear from you, 



Lessons live in studio in Vallila, helsinki or online on zoom

First lesson

1x60min - 60€

Beginner course

5x60min - 320€

5x45min- 250 €

Continuous course

10x60min - 630€

10x40 min - 470€


Choir singer to a solo singer

5x60min - 320€

For professionals

5x60min - 320€

For speaking voice


Duo lesson

5x60 min-500 €

For group teaching (singing groups, choirs etc) and other request on lessons, the price will be customized.


Gig proposals, seminars, other bookings, questions:

Cancellation policy for singing lessons: 


The singing lesson can be cancelled  24 hours before, free of charge by email to, same day cancellations or not showing up, you pay full price for the reserved time and space.

All lessons include 24% VAT.



"Ida is very friendly and will make you feel at ease right away.

She is a very skilled singing coach with a lot of experience and a warm hearted personality.

I have gained a lot from the lessons with ida, feeling more self confident and I dare to sing much louder . Also my singing technique is improved. Ida makes very concrete explanations and comes with exercises that are fun and easy. I also have developed my improvising skills thanks to Ida.

Highly recommended for any singer that wants to enjoy singing as well as improve their skills!"

Marieke/ Singer and Vocal coach in CVT and Timani


"Highly recommended! If you´re terrified of singing, don´t worry. Ida has a laid back, joyous and personal approach to teaching that makes you have fun while learning. She understands both the theoretical and artistic nuances of singing and hears where the work needs to be done. Ida encourages you to be an active learner and her classes have made me enjoy singing on a whole new level. If you´re prepared to practice a minimum on your own, with Ida progress will be inevitable."

Jaska/ Doctor 

"Jag hade både roligt och lärde mig jättemycket på Idas lektioner- Ida är en utmärkt lärare med kunnande och en fantastitsk energi som smittar av sig. På bara några lektioner utvecklades jag mycket som sångare och fick mer självsäkerhet!" 

Hilda/ Grafisk designer

”Ida är en proffsig och inspirerande sånglärare, som fick mig att hitta nya sätt att sjunga, utmana mig själv och njuta av att lära mig nytt.”

Jessica/ HR Manager


"Ida är en ”kick ass” sånglärare. Idas skamlöshet får den som sjunger att känna sej totalt skamlös och tröskeln för att våga sänks eller elimineras helt. Det är befriande. Ida är rak, konkret och oerhört kompetent. Dessutom är hon rolig!!! Jag rekommenderar Ida som sånglärare för den som inte riktigt vågar, för den som vill utvecklas och för den som vill ha kul, helt enkelt.

Joanna/ Konstärlig ledare för Blaue Frau

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